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Neunas Colorful Sanitary Ware is Gradually Becoming Mainstream


Colorful sanitary ware is gradually becoming mainstream, Neunas rose gold bathroom fixtures launched, More series including Chrome, Matte black.

For a long time, in the European market, chrome color has been the most mainstream color matching for bathroom hardware products. Until a few years ago, matte black became more and more popular, whether it is shower head, stainless steel linear floor drain, shower enclosure, basin faucet, floor bathtub faucet, and so on. All metal products will have matte black color.

But in the past two years, there have been more and more rose gold products, rose gold basin faucets, rose gold thermostatic shower set, rose gold stainless steel linear floor drain, rose gold freestanding bathtub mixer taps, rose gold shower room frame, and everything else bathroom hardware accessories you can find are all in rose gold.

Not only rose gold appeared on all metal sanitary ware products, but also pearl white, space gray, and bright gold.

NEUNAS keeps up with the trend, whether it is our own production products or products sourcing from partners, all of them have rose gold color, which we call NEUNAS rose gold series products. NEUNAS stainless steel linear floor drains, as indirectly suppliers of European supermarket chain brands, direclty supplier of AMAZON top sellers and large wholesalers, have achieved the continuous rapid growth of  sales, professional technical support makes our customized products equally excellent. Recently, we have launched rose gold stainless steel linear floor drains, pearl white 360 degree siphon stainless steel linear drains, and space gray slim design stainless steel shower floor drains, which have begun to be highly welcomed by new and old customers, besides, the rose gold freestanding bathtub mixer taps,  washbasin rose gold mixer taps and rose gold thermostatic shower mixer also very welcomed by our customers.

In the past few months, due to the coronavirus incident, the global economy has been shut down, and the business of physical stores has been greatly affected. On the other hand, some of our customers didn't affect much, whose main businesses are for online sales. Instead, there was a period of sales growth. Although in the past ten years or so, we have not done much publicity because we are more focused on our product quality, production cost control, communication and integration with customers, and help customers  expand their product lines until today.

The birth of the NEUNAS brand is formally based on this background, and has established a good relationship of mutual trust with customers, and achieved a good performance for customers and us to grow together. NEUNAS is not only a brand of sanitary ware, but also a synonym for mutual trust and common growth.

Do you need a trusted partner to support your needs and plans? NEUNAS will not let you down.

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