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The Difference of N95 Medical Masks And KN95/N95 L


The Coronovirus affect all of us, health, economics. all people are looking for N95 masks, but most of them can't recogonize the difference of N95 medical masks and N95/KN95 labor protection masks.

n95 surgical mask
N95 is a standard from of filter level, not the product name.
Different masks target different filtering objects. N95 medical masks are aimed at blocking and filtering blood and body fluids, and N95 / KN95 labor protection masks are aimed at filtering solid dust.

Please check the standard at first, make sure you buy right masks.
If you are not a doctor, nurse, or need to work in a similar hazardous environment, and you cannot buy N95 medical masks from the market, then disposable masks (3 layers, with meltblown cloth) are your best choice, it Enough to protect you going to the supermarket to buy food quickly. There is NOT necessary to spend more money to buy dust protection masks.

difference of N95 masks and KN95 masks

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