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Joint Procurement


1: Cost saving, time saving, human resource saving.
2: Invest the saving cost on marketing, spend the saving time on marketing, invest the human resource to sales and service.
3:Without increasing human, material and financial resources, change the status quo and achieve rapid sales growth.


1: Manufacturer own quality control system.
2: NEUNAS inspect at any time during production, final inspection before shipment.


1: Confirm cost and quantity of each item with clients.
2: Calculated the volumes of each products, make sure loading in a full container, no container space waste, no overload.
3: Adjust the products quantity(volumes) and release orders to each manufacturer start production.
4: Inspection at any time during production and final inspection before shipment.
5: Booking cargo space, booking truck and confrim container loading time, do export custom clearance.

1: NEUNAS is directly responsible for the products quality of joint procurement.
2: Quick response and proposed solution when client meet any problem.

Q: If we are going to try to cooperate with NEUNAS, how should we start?
A: We prefer to start with a single series of products, such as a linear floor drain series, or faucet series, or duroplast UF toilet seat series  etc.. Start with small batches and gradually increase the number of purchases and maintain cooperation for at least 1-2 years. Then we can consider accelerating the pace and rapidly expanding the scope of purchases, and finally achieve our good partnership. Maybe you will ask why we need to keep limited cooperation time for 1-2 years. First of all, you need 1-2 years to understand the feedback of our products quality, and know our services. Secondly, we need enough time to run in and know each other.
Time helps us identify long-term, trusting, and win-win partnerships. So it's worth it.
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