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Why Choose Us



10 years experience linear shower drain production experience

15 years experience of metal and plastic OEM/ODM products customized, sourcing and export

6 years experience of sanitary ware products joint procurement service


Standardization of quality control in all processing, final inspection before shipment

CE certificated for linear shower drain, UPC for faucets ... ...

Customized(OEM/ODM) available
Fast and efficient after-sales service


Stable quality control and continuously improved production processing of linear shower drain products, ensure cost advantages
Long-term cooperation with manufacturing partners, long-term cooperation with quality customers, plus considerable orders ensure that we get more competitive prices.

This partnership allows our customers to focus on the sales side and achieve rapid growth, It also helps us to improve our own business. At the same time, we work with our cooperating suppliers to develop new products, maintain stable quality, cope with problems encountered by clients, solve it quickly and effectively. Based on this good cooperative relationship, we can purchase at a more favorable price while ensuring high-quality products,  client competetive in the market.

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